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*Update to Gmail - June 4 (Opt-In)*

There is an interface update coming to Gmail! The basics of Gmail will not be changing, but there are some new exciting functionalities:

1. Apps like Calendar, Keep, Tasks and other third party apps will be integrated directly into Gmail from a side panel on the right. This new integration will save you time so you do not have to navigate back and forth between tabs. With one click you can easily add a meeting to your calendar, type a note to yourself, add a task for later, or access third party applications.

2. Other updates include features that will allow you to take action quicker without opening an email thread, like the ability to open attachments, RSVP to a meeting invite, or archive an email thread. A new snooze feature that allows you to ‘snooze’ an email, temporarily removing it from your Inbox until a date and time that you specify. Do you need to get a snoozed email? Don’t worry, you can still access your snoozed emails from the menu on the left.

3. Artificial intelligence powered features like Nudge and Smart Reply will help you spend more time on work that matters. Nudge will remind you to follow up or respond to messages, while Smart Reply will help you respond to messages faster.

4. Are you at a location that does not have internet service? No problem! With the update you can now work in Gmail offline. To enable this feature click the gear at the top right of Gmail to get to settings, click the 'Offline' tab at the top, and toggle to enable the feature.

If you are as excited about these new features as we are, you can opt in to the new Gmail June 4! To opt in, go to the gear in the top right of your Gmail and click ‘Try the new State of Colorado - Mail’. The opt in period is for you to try out the new Gmail interface and ask questions. Eventually, everyone will transition to the new Gmail. We will post the date for that transition soon.

If you have any questions, please email

To see a demo of the new features, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions/Troubleshooting

I do not have the snooze function! 

Please note that in order to access the 'snooze' function, you must have conversation view enabled in Gmail. To enable conversation view open Gmail --> click on the gear in the top right --> click settings --> scroll down to conversation view --> enable.

How do I get to Contacts?

Contacts are no longer accessible from Gmail. To get to Contacts, click on the app menu at the top right of your screen (the nine grey boxes) and click 'Contacts'. If you have a shared mailbox or delegated access, you can no longer access Contacts for that mailbox.  For more information about how to accessing Contacts for a shared mailbox or with delegated access, click here.

We realize that not being able to access Contacts in delegated and shared inboxes will cause some disruption to work flow, and we have submitted a feature request to Google for this feature to return. At this time there is no indication if or when we might see it return.

My read receipts are not working.

Read receipts are currently not functioning in the new Gmail interface. Google is aware of the issue and has a fix, with an estimated release date of August 10 (last updated July 20).  

Where did my labs go?

Labs are no longer available in the new Gmail interface. Google is deprecating (winding down) all labs this year. 

I don't want to be nudged to reply to emails - how do I turn it off?

You can turn off the nudge feature by clicking on the gear in the top right of Gmail, click settings, scroll down to 'Nudges' and deselect one or both options. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click 'save changes'. 

The logo in my email signature is broken (not showing up). What do I do?

In very rare cases we have seen the logos in email signatures break when moving to the New Gmail. To fix this, click on the gear in the top right of Gmail, click settings, and scroll down to your email signature. Delete the logo from your signature, then reinsert it. 

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