Google Hangouts


Google Meet is a video conferencing platform.

With Google Meet you can:

  • Host up to 50 participants in a single meeting

  • Meet for as long as you need, there is no time limit

  • Record meetings

  • Google Meet is included as part of G Suite, so there is no additional cost to use this service (other than standard phone rates, see FAQs below)

  • Meet from computer or mobile devices

  • Have more than 50 participants? Live Stream directly from Meet!

For more information about Meet please see the Google Meet FAQ. For more information about how to use Google Meet, see the How-To Google Meet and watch the Google Meet Demo.

Please note that Meet works best in Chrome or Firefox. Meet currently does not work in IE, Edge, or Safari.

What are the benefits to video conferencing?
At the State of Colorado, we love video conferencing! Video is more expressive, interactive, and allows you to build connections. By creating a video-first culture in the workplace, you will build team culture, enhance communication, and create highly effective teams.

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