Chat & Spaces

You need this to: quickly communicate with colleagues and teams using Chat (1-1 messaging) and Spaces (group messaging).



February | Google announces Spaces will replace Google Currents in early 2023. Find the full update from the Google Workspace Update Blog.

Want more updates? Check out the Google Workspace Updates Blog.

Currents to Space Migration

Google Currents to Spaces Migration Guide & FAQ

Getting Started

Google Chat & Spaces

Google Chat: Overview

In this video we step through all of the new features of New Chat!

OIT Google Team logo. It says Google Training by OIT.

Google Team Tip #30: Google Chat Bots

Learn how to add a chatbot to a Space and about the Meet and Drive bots.

Google Team Tip #31: Threaded vs. Unthreaded Spaces

Learn the differences between threaded and unthreaded Spaces.

Google Workspace Learning Center

The Google Workspace Learning Center is hosted by Google and provides written walk through for using Slides and other Google Apps.