Chrome OS and Chromebooks

You need these to: get your work done on a lightweight, secure and simple-to-use device.

Chrome OS | Google's operating system for Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. This OS is cloud-based, lightweight and always secure with automatic updates.

Chromebooks | Light-weight laptops that run Chrome OS. They are faster and cheaper options for working in cloud-based applications like Google Workspace.

Chromeboxes | Small form factor PCs that run Chrome OS. They're a great option for conference rooms, to display information on monitors in lobbies or as a cloud-based work station.


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Getting Started

Chrome OS for State Use

Chrome OS Overview

Read an overview of Chrome OS including benefits and use cases at the state.

DRAFT - Chrome OS Deployment SOP

Chrome Device Deployment

Read about Chrome Device Deployment in this policy.

For information about using and customizing your Chromebook, visit the Tour of your Chromebook Google Support Page.