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Getting Started

Google Classroom Demo

Watch this demo to get a tour of classroom and
understand its basic functionalities

Classroom FAQ

Classroom is a type of basic Learning Management System that allows you to build structured classes with robust content. Classroom integrates across Google Workspace, allowing you to pull and push content from applications like Drive and Calendar.

Classroom is included as part of your Google Workspace license, so there is no additional cost!

Who can create a Class?

Anybody can create a Class! To create a class, open and press the '+' button in the top right.

Classroom is great for small teams or teams with little or no budget that want to develop training courses for their users. Classroom can be utilized for conducting remote classes, or to make your in-person classes more interactive. More than just training material, Classroom can also be used as a tool for project management.

In some cases, Classroom can replace an existing Learning Management System, depending on the needs of the agency or team. Watch the Google Classroom Demo to learn more about the functionalities available in Classroom.

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