Data Studio

Recent Data Studio Updates

November 2018 - Embed external data (such as files from Drive) into your Data Studio report!

October 2018 - Calculated fields have come to Data Studio!

October 2018 - Download and print PDFs of your Data Studio reports.

Want more updates? Check out the G Suite Updates Blog and search for 'Data Studio'.

Click here to watch a demo video of Data Studio that highlights its capabilities, and walks users through creating their own dashboard. The video is approximately 45 minutes long.

Check out a live Data Studio Dashboard!

Ever wonder what happens to the data from the domain wide webinar sign ups? It ends up here! This dashboard highlights some of the main functionalities of Data Studio including charts, filters, and some design elements. For more examples, check out the Data Studio Report Gallery.

Resources for Learning about Data Studio

Explore the resources below to learn more about working in Data Studio.

Getting Started with Data Studio (created by Google)

Data Studio - 101

Data Studio 101 - Getting Started with Data Studio

OIT Data Studio Examples

Data Studio Dashboard Examples (from OIT)