Google Workspace Updates

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📢 Workspace Update

Streamlining the user experience in Google Chat to help you find what you need much faster | Scheduled Release: December 7, 2023

-New Chat icon released and introducing a redesigned navigation panel for chat / spaces including new shortcuts. Please watch for future communications

📢 Workspace Update (Delayed)

Important Updates to Spaces transitioning from topic to in-line threads | Estimated 2024

- See the notification "Google News | Conversation Topic Spaces Upgrading To In-Line Threading" to learn more. Will provide additional information when made available from Google.

📢 Workspace Update  

Beginning September 30, 2024: third-party apps that use only a password to access Google Accounts and Google Sync will no longer be supported | Starting June 15, 2024 

📢 Workspace Update

The next phase of digital whiteboarding for Google Workspace  | Starting September 2024

-The Google Jamboard service will sunset in late 2024. Additional communications to follow.

Raise your hand with gesture detection in Google Meet

📢 Workspace Update

Raise your hand with gesture detection in Google Meet | Scheduled November 28, 2023

Star important messages in Google Chat

📢 Workspace Update

Star important messages in Google Chat | Scheduled November 30, 2023 

-Star any messages in Chat to quickly find it another time 

Filter by people or groups in Google Drive 

📢 Workspace Update

Filter by people or groups in Google Drive | Scheduled Release: December 5, 2023

-Quickly review your files and folders that have been shared externally and view whom they are shared with, such as specific people or groups.  

Previous Google Workspace Updates

📢 Workspace Update

View full screen tasks lists on Google Calendar | Available Now

📢 Workspace Update

Build content quickly in Google Docs with instant access to building blocks and more | Available Now

-Building block buttons will now appear at the top of new Docs. 

📢 Workspace Update

Differentiate messages better with additional modernizations in Google Chat | Available Now

-Streamlining how messages appear and flow in Chat and Spaces. 

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