Use video conferencing to make your meetings more expressive, interactive, and build better connections. By creating a video-first culture in the workplace, you will build team culture, enhance communication, and create highly effective teams.

Recent Hangouts Updates


April 2019: State of Colorado will be moving to new Chat! Stay tuned for more information.

December 2018: View Google Calendar attachments in Hangouts Meet

November 2018: Meeting limit increase to 100 participants!

Want more updates? Check out the G Suite Updates Blog and search for 'Hangouts'.

What is Google Meet?

Google Meet is a video conferencing platform.

With Google Meet you can:

    • Host up to 100 participants in a single meeting
    • Meet for as long as you need, there is no time limit
    • Record meetings
    • Google Meet is included as part of G Suite, so there is no additional cost to use this service (other than standard phone rates, see FAQs below)
    • Meet from computer or mobile devices
    • Have more than 100 participants? Live Stream directly from Meet to up to 10,000 users in domain!

For more information about Meet please see the Google Meet FAQ.

(classic) Chat

Communicate with direct messages and group conversations.

What Chat you can:

  • Chat to an individual or a group!
  • Chat with people outside of the State (they must have a Google account)
  • Chat App is available on mobile devices
  • Chats are off record, and disappear after 24 hours
  • Do you want chats to pop out in a new window (rather than live in your Gmail)? Click here to get the Chat extension.

New Chat Demo Video Coming Soon!

(new) Chat - Coming April 16, 2019!

New Chat has an updated user interface and additional advanced features! With new Chat you can -

  • Create a permanent Room to chat with with a group of people
  • Use Bots to connect to services, such as the @meet bot to schedule a meeting

This training video walks users through the functionalities of Google Meet and Chat, including how schedule, join, and record a Meet. It is approximately 45 minutes long.

Resources for Learning about Hangouts

Explore the resources below to learn more about working in Hangouts (Meet and Chat)

Google Meet FAQs

Google Meet FAQ

How-To: Google Meet

How-To Google Meet

Google Meet Demo (approx. 4 minutes)

Google Next 2018: The Future of Meetings

This extension provides contextual walk-through video trainings for G Suite applications. Click on the extension to see recommended training videos or search for what you want to learn about!

Examples of videos to search for:

    • Schedule a Meet
    • Join a Meet

The G Suite Learning Center is hosted by Google and provides written walk through for using Meet and Chat. Open the G Suite Learning Center and click 'get started' for a tour of functionalities in Meet, or click 'Learn by Product' then 'Chat' to get started in Chat!