Whether you need to communicate with an individual or a group of people, use Chat to send your message quickly and efficiently!

New version of Chat Coming in 2020

Chat One Page

New Chat is the more advanced version of classic Chat. It has everything you have come to know and love, with additional features like an updated user interface (in a new browser tab), dedicated Chat Rooms, and the ability to send files directly in Chat.

There are a few changes that users should keep in mind, including a new way to access Chat and a change in the off-record policy for agencies that use Vault. The Chat FAQ to the left (click icon in right corner) has more information. You must be signed in with your state Google account to see the FAQ.

Resources for Learning about New Chat

Explore the resources below to learn more about working in Chat

New Chat How-To

In this video we step through all of the new features of New Chat!

This extension provides contextual walk-through video trainings for G Suite applications. Click on the extension to see recommended training videos or search for what you want to learn about!

Examples of videos to search for:

    • Start a Chat
    • Create a group

The G Suite Learning Center is hosted by Google and provides written walk through for using Meet and Chat. Open the G Suite Learning Center and click 'get started' for a tour of functionalities in Meet, or click 'Learn by Product' then 'Chat' to get started in Chat!

Want more updates? Check out the G Suite Updates Blog and search for Chat.

Classic Chat (current Chat version for all agencies except OIT)

Communicate with direct messages and group conversations.

With Chat you can:

  • Chat to an individual or a group from within your Gmail box
  • Chat with people outside of the State (they must have a Google account)
  • Use Chat App to chat on mobile devices