Whether you need to communicate with an individual or a group of people, use Chat to send your message quickly and efficiently!

Google Chat is live! If you have questions about it please see this training module or RSVP for our bi-weekly office hours!

Recent Chat Updates


March 2021 - Customize notification frequency with more options in Google Chat and Chat in Gmail

March 2021 - Google Chat will automatically suggest 1:1 chat based on your Google Calendar

November 2020 - Pin conversations in chat

November 2020 - Schedule Google Calendar events from Google Chat

New Google Chat is here!

Chat One Page

Google Chat is the more advanced version of Hangouts. It has everything you have come to know and love, with additional features that make group collaboration even easier. With Chat you can seamlessly move from instant messaging, to sharing files or switch over to a video call with one click from your Gmail inbox or the new Chat browser interface. For collaboration where content is visible longer than 24 hours, try new Chat Rooms with a work space where participants can see content for 30 days.

There is a change in record retention related to the use of Chat Rooms. The Chat FAQ to the left (click icon in right corner) has more information. You must be signed in with your state Google account to see the FAQ.

Resources for Learning about Google Chat

OIT Google Team logo. It says Google Training by OIT.

New Chat How-To

In this video we step through all of the new features of New Chat!

Full Playlist can be found here

Google Team Tip #30: Google Chat Bots

Learn how to add a chatbot to a room and about the Meet and Drive bots.

11 min.

Google Team Tip #31: Threaded vs. Unthreaded Rooms

This video shows how to create a room and explains the differences between threaded and unthreaded. Choosing threaded or unthreaded when your Chat Room is created determines how long the content is available to participants.

The Google Workspace Learning Center is hosted by Google and provides written walk through for using Chat. Open the Google Workspace Learning Center and click Get started with Google Chat from the right side navigation.

Want more updates? Check out the Google Workspace Updates Blog and search for Chat.