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Gary the Google Guy!

Sharing & Security Best Practices in Google Drive.

Docs & Sheets: Tips & Tricks (Hacks)

Google Forms & Sheets

Google Chat & Spaces

New Gmail Interface

Essentials of Google Sheets

Google Calendar

Exploring Additional Features in Google Sheets

Google Drive

Drive Shortcuts

Visitor Sharing

7 Steps to Organize your Drive

Drive Approvals

How to Grant Temporary Access

File & Folder Ownership Transfer

How to Share a Doc

Drive Shortcuts

Version History

Create a New Shared Drive


How to Change the Default Font in Docs


Filters in Google Sheets

Sheets Protected Ranges


How to Add a Slides Template

One Step Formatting


Form Response Notifications

Form Templates


Gmail Filters

Secondary Gmail Signature

How to Schedule Send in Gmail

Delegate Access (Part 2)

Automatic Responses in Gmail

Undo Send

Gmail Templates

Changing Labels in Gmail

How to Add a Delegate (Part 1)

The Archive Button in Gmail


Subscribing to a Calendar

How to add a Calendar Invitation to an Email

Creating Calendar Events in Gmail

How to Set Working Hours in Calendar

Restoring a Deleted Calendar Event


Recording in Meet

Breakout Rooms

Meet Attendance Tracking

Meet Polls

Using Jamboard in Meet


Chat (Previously Hangouts) Settings Overview

Threaded vs Unthreaded in Chat (Spaces)

Google Chat Bots

(Chrome Browser,
Chrome Web Store,
Chromebooks & OS)

Editing Chrome Extensions

Google Add Ons

What is Cloud Search?

Download and Remove Extensions

Additional Videos

Add an Email to Tasks

Google Site Settings

Currents Post Notifications

Other Training Videos

Check out recordings from past Google Trainings

Google Drive and HIPAA Compliance

March 2021

How to Use Google Drive (Tempus Nova)

January 2021

How to Use Google Chat / Shared Inboxes vs. Groups (Tempus Nova)

January 2021

How to be more effective in Gmail (Tempus Nova)

January 2021

December 2020

Google Meet 101
October 2020

G Suite Overview

September 2020

Drive and Drive Apps

September 2020

Gmail Labels Pt. 2 (DONOTDELETE)

March 2020

Microsoft Switching Guide Videos

This short clip demonstrates how to attach an email to an email.

1 min.

Watch this video to learn how to create a filter in Gmail.

3 min.

This video will show you the difference between Outlook's sort and Gmail's search as well as other ways to keep organized.

2 min.

See how to read an email directly from your inbox.

2 min.

Learn how to create, edit, use, and delete labels.

5 min.