Cisco Devices

You need these to: virtually connect to colleagues.

Getting Started

TechU: MX800/700: Quick Start Guide

MX800/700: Quick Start User Guide

Get up and running with this Cisco video collaboration room system. The MX800 and MX700 are tablet-like devices used to control the video unit.

TechU: DX80: Quick Start User Guide

DX80 Quick Start User Guide

This guide will help you learn how to use DX80 devices like a pro - how to join a meeting, place a call, share content and much more.

Cisco 8841/8851 Resources

37834 - Make Calls.mp4

How to Make Calls

37957 - Forward Calls.mp4

How to Forward Calls

37835 - Hold and Transfer Calls.mp4

How to Hold and Transfer Calls

37965 - Recent Calls.mp4

How to View Recent Calls

37962 - Contacts.mp4

How to View Your Contacts

37964 - Group Pickup.mp4

Group Pickup Calls

37959 - Buttons and Hardware.mp4

Understanding Buttons and Hardware

37968 - Voicemail Access.mp4

How to Access Your Voicemail

37930 - Sound Control.mp4

How to Adjust the Volume

37755 - Answer Calls.mp4

How to Answer Calls

37753 - Ringtone.mp4

How to Change Your Ringtone

37958 - Conference.mp4

Conference Calls

37963 - Shared Lines.mp4

Shared Lines with Colleagues

37754 - Brightness.mp4

How to Change Your Brightness Display