Identity Manager

Request new accounts, close existing accounts and change account access.

Request a network and Google account for new employees, request access to applications and systems as staff needs change and keep Colorado's
data safe by removing access to state accounts when employees leave.  Note: The documents on this page are only available to those
logged in to their state Google account.

Identity Manager User Guide

Identity Manager User Guide

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for managers, human resources and security professionals who have been given permission by their state agency or county to use Identity Manager to perform onboarding, offboarding, access changes, immediate disable, immediate enable and edit individual employee profiles. 

Pronoun Setting for your Google Workspace Profile Fact Sheet

Pronoun Setting for your Google Workspace
Profile Fact Sheet 

Identity Manager now features the option for end users to supplement their names with their pronouns they associate with to more clearly identify themselves to work colleagues. The Pronoun setting gives employees the option to include pronouns in their Google Workspace Profile including Meet, Gmail and Calendar. 

Identity Manager URLs and UPNs

Identity Manager URLs and UPNs

This guide will provide an explanation of Identity Manager URLs and the UPN information needed for login. 

Update Pronoun User Guide

Updating Pronouns User Guide

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to edit personal information and how to approve requests.

FAQ: Identity Manager

Identity Manager FAQ

This is a collection of questions and answers related to Identity Manager that will be updated as needed.

User Roles

Identity Manager Roles.pdf

Job Aids

Identity Manager Job Aid-Onboarding.pdf

Identity Manager Onboarding

Identity Manager Job Aid-Offboarding.pdf

Identity Manager Offboarding

Questions about Identity Manager?

Contact the Identity Access and Management (IAM) team at

Identity Manager Job Aid-Immediate Enable.pdf

Immediate Enable

Identity Manager Job Aid-Adding Additional Access.pdf

Adding Additional Access

Identity Manager-Job Aid-Edit Employee Info.pdf

Editing Employee Information


The Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing (HCPF) has waited years for a solution like Identity Manager to provide transparency and control over our organization’s network profiles in Active Directory! In addition to providing immediate Onboarding, Offboarding, Disable/Enable, Contractor extensions, VPN and Security Group membership modification actions at our fingertips, Identity Manager enables our staff to perform simple profile edits (i.e., job title and phone number details) without having to submit a Service Desk ticket. We rely on the accuracy of our staff’s network profiles to inform our Google and Microsoft directories, visual org charting, workflows and delegations. Rather than submitting a three-page form and waiting up to two weeks for resolution on our Access Control requests, we are now able to process the majority of these through the Identity Manager portal ourselves with instant results! We look forward to leveraging all the opportunities Identity Manager provides and automation where possible to enable an agile, properly managed, secured and accurate network. --Natasha Nolle Myers, Strategic IT Initiatives Lead, HCPF