Windows 11

Microsoft has set an end-of-life date for Windows 10 and is now actively pushing Windows 11 as their primary workstation business operating system. To keep state workstations (desktops and laptops) current and able to receive security and operating system improvement updates, OIT’s Deskside Services will be upgrading state workstations to Windows 11. The latest security enhancement available in Windows 11 will protect the state from security threats and bad actors while ensuring compatibility with the latest software releases and hardware. The upgrade will be delivered over the internet by Microsoft Intune, providing a smooth transition for state staff. 

Understanding the Major Changes Between Windows 10 and Windows 11: Watch the video.

Windows 11 Fact Sheet

Windows 11 Fact Sheet

Windows 11 FAQ_Oct2023

Windows 11 FAQs

Introduction to Windows 11 Guide

Introduction to Windows 11