Information Security Training for State Employees

Colorado Information Security Policy (CISP) Overview Training

With the recent updates to the Colorado Information Security Policies (CISPs) effective March 29, 2022, the CISP Overview Training is undergoing revision at this time. Check back later this summer for updated training.

State agency employees have access to a wide range of data including sensitive and personal data that is protected by state and federal law. The failure to protect this data has serious consequences to both our organization and you as an individual, and that is why OIT has created and provided to state agencies a custom training course regarding data protection and the Colorado Information Security Policies to ensure state executive branch employees with IT-related roles are aware of data and system protection responsibilities based on policy expectations. This training pertains only to employees of the consolidated agencies.

        • If your agency role involves IT-related functions, you should complete this training annually. OIT has developed this document, which identifies functions and roles that can be considered IT-related/technical.

        • If you are unsure whether you should complete this training, speak with your manager.

        • Your agency may provide this training through your agency's learning management system, and you will not need to complete the training again here. Please check with your agency LMS administrator or manager for details.

CISP Overview Training is going under revision

-- We will update this section when the CISP Overview training is available --

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Employees at state agencies other than CDHS, CDOT, CDPHE and CDPS should use the SOC Learns training portal to complete the required annual state cybersecurity awareness training. Employees who work for CDHS, CDOT, CDPHE and CDPS should complete the required annual state cybersecurity awareness training through their respective agency training portal.

SOC Learns training portal user guides and FAQs are available here.