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Google Support Pages

A plethora of tools and information along with step by step interactive guides all from Google.

Training Library

Video recordings from previous Google Trainings and "how-to" videos.



Google Drive is unlimited cloud based file that centralizes your work while allowing you to easily collaborate with your team.

Support page

Google Sheets (Coming Soon)


Google Sheets is a spreadsheet application.

Support page

Google Docs (Coming Soon)


Google Docs is word processor application.

Support page

Google Slides


Google Slides is an presentation application.

Support page

Google Forms


Google Forms allows you to create sharable surveys and forms.

Support page

Google Sites


Create and manage your own website with ease.

Support page


Cloud based application which saves and organizes contact information with integrations with Gmail.

Support page


Virtual note taking that allows you to capture your ideas, notes, images, and task lists .


Google tasks is an application that allows simple task tracking via Gmail sidebar access with integrations in Google Calendar.

Drive for Desktop

Desktop application that allows you to access all of your Google Drive files on your desktop with a Windows based File Explorer view.


Google Drawing is an application which allows you to create diagrams, flowcharts, images, text, and much more.



Video-communication platform that supports, audio/video, livestreaming, and the ability to record.

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Email application. Gmail is automatically encrypted, and has unlimited storage.

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Google Chat Service.

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Quickly schedule meetings, events and reminders about upcoming activities.

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Web Store

Play Store


Marketplace for Extensions & Add-On's to the Google Chrome web browser.

Support Page

Application marketplace for mobile devices (Android) & Chromebooks.

Run on Chrome OS, an operating system that has cloud storage, the best of Google built-in, and multiple layers of security.

Support page

Data Analytics

Data Studio

Google Data Studio is an online application that allows you to visualize your data with interactive dashboards and reports with other Google tool integrations.

Support page


Google Analytics is a web analytics application that tracks and reports website traffic information.

Application Development

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud

Suite of cloud computing services that offers but limited to, virtual machine, database storage, and application deployment.

Apps Script

Scripting platform for light-weight application development for use in the G Suite platform.


Software development tools and platforms, application programming interfaces, and technical resources.


No-code development platform for application software and web applications using a wide arrange of data sources including Google Drive.

Web Designer

Desktop application used to create engaging HTML5 content with interrogations with other Google tools.

My Maps

Web based platform that allows you to create a multilayered maps with custom data points and information.

Available Beta Products


Tables is a web based service used to visually organize and track data as you would in a database with no code functions built in like creating forms and automated bot functions. Email to be given early access.

Support page

Other Google Products


Google Classroom is an online platform that streamlines collaboration, training and fosters communication. Use Classroom with many tools, such as Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar.

Support page


Google Maps is a web mapping service which can provide route planning as well as many other features including satellite imagery, aerial photography, street maps, 360° interactive panoramic views of streets, and real-time traffic conditions.

Mobile Devices


Click the icon above to be taken to resources for configuring and using Android and Iphone devices for Google apps.



Google YouTube is a massive web based video sharing platform.

Support page


Google Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows you to easily create customized blogs that fit your style. Email to be added to access.


Google Earth is a web based service that renders a 3D image of Earth based primarily on satellite imagery (Moon and Mars are also available).

Google Vault


Google Vault is a web based service that is used to search for "on record" data for compliance purposes.

Support page

Cloud Search

Google Cloud Search is an web based service used to search across your organization's content.


Google Currents, formerly known as Google+ is an online communication application which allows you to share ideas, thoughts, and focused discussions across your organization.

Support page


Google Jamboard is an interactive and collaborative online whiteboard application. Use it to take your virtual meetings to the next level!


Google Alerts is an online notification application that notifies users of content changes or when it finds new results—such as web pages, newspaper articles, blogs, or scientific research—that match the user's search term.


Google Voice is a voice over internet service that is a cost effective replacement to telecommunications. Voice is utilized on a desktop computers or mobile devices.

Support page


Google Groups is an online platform which is used for discussion groups, forums, collaboration mailboxes, and grouping contacts.

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