Sites Updates


December 2020 - Customize text style and appearance in Google Sites

July 2020 - Introducing: Chart text and formatting options in Sheets! This long awaited feature is now coming to our domain late-July/early August.

May 2020 - Three new features! Site templates (yay!), announcement banners (cool!), and access for family link accounts (less applicable for state users).

Want more updates? Check out the G Suite Updates Blog and search for 'Sites'.

Sites Training Video

Watch the Sites training video to learn how to easily create a professional looking website. The video is approximately 30 minutes long.

(classic) Sites

Looking for information on classic Sites? Google is currently in the process of replacing classic Sites with new Sites. Support will end for classic Sites at the end of 2021. We are encouraging users at the State to begin transitioning their classic Sites to new Sites to get ahead of the change. To convert your classic Site to a new Site, either click the 'convert' button at the top of your Site page or follow these instructions. For a comparison of classic Sites to new Sites and a converting classic Sites FAQ, click on the documents below.

See this timeline for the deprecation of Classic Sites and what you need to do to prepare.

Google Classic Sites vs. New Sites

Classic Sites vs. New Sites

Site Conversion FAQ

Converting Classic Sites FAQ

Adding Images to your Google Classic Site/Optimizing Your Site Search

Add Images and Optimize your Search

Resources for Learning about more about (new) Sites

Explore the resources below to learn more about working in (new) Sites