Store your files, access them from anywhere and collaborate with colleagues in real-time.

Getting Started with Drive

Google Drive is a secure place to store and share your files. With Google Drive you can access files from anywhere, share files with team members, and cross-collaborate all in real time.

Become More Secure With Google Drive

NEW MODULE! Sharing Best Practices in Google Workspace

Curious about sharing in Google Workspace? Is your data secure? 

This 8-level course introduces sharing concepts and best sharing practices with Google Workspace at the State of Colorado.  

Google Team Learning Videos

All About Drive

Introducing users to Google Drive and apps including, Docs, Sheets, and Forms.

Drive Shortcuts: See how to save a document in more than one place. (4 min.)

Visitor Sharing: Grant document editing access to stakeholders and clients without Google accounts. (5 min.)

Shared drives: Learn how to create a new Shared drive and how to move files from a My Drive to your new Shared drive. (3 min.)

Ownership transfer: Make someone else the owner of your file or folder.