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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are Google Groups?

Groups provides a forum for communication. There are three main types of Group you can create:

  1. The most common use for Groups at the state is as a list of people that you can email, add to events, or add to Drive files without having to type each person's name. You are likely part of an all staff group for your agency (for example, This makes managing a group of people much easier.

  2. Another use for Groups is as a forum, where group members can post and discuss topics. A use case for this would be for a learning and development Group.

  3. The final use for a Google Group is as a collaborative inbox, where users can send an email to one address that then distributes the email for everybody in the Group., the email address for the Google Team, is a collaborative inbox. When you email, your email goes to the inbox of each Google team member. This is a good alternative to a shared mailbox, which has a yearly cost. Read a comparison of a collaborative inbox to a shared inbox.

What is the cost of a Google Group?

There is no additional cost to create a Google Group! (this is unlike a shared mailbox)

How do I create a Google Group?

Send a ticket to the OIT Service Desk, and they will help you get started.

How do I sign into a Google Group?

You can access the Google Group by going to and click on the group name.