Recent Calendar Updates


July 2020: See here for updates to guest permissions, attachments, and calendar previews.

June 2020: Edit Calendar events directly from Gmail and Docs

December 2019: Change to locations of booked rooms

Want more updates? Check out the G Suite Updates Blog and search for 'Calendar'.

OIT Google Team Tech Tips

See how to set your working hours to let your colleagues know when you are and aren't available.

2 min.

Learn two ways to create events without leaving Gmail.

4 min.

This video demonstrates how to find a calendar appointment hyperlink and add embed it in an email.

2 min.

This training video walks through Calendar, focusing on tips and tricks to increase efficiency using Calendar. It is approximately one hour long.

Scheduling in Calendar Best Practices

More Resources for Learning about Calendar

Explore the resources below to learn more about working in Calendar

The G Suite Learning Center is hosted by Google and provides written walk through for using Calendar. Open the G Suite Learning Center and click 'get started' for a tour of functionalities in Calendar!

Tips and tricks for Calendar event notifications

Tips and Tricks - Calendar Event Notifications